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48in Full Fuselage MXS Kit (EPP+Balsa)

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48in Full Fuselage MXS Kit (EPP+Balsa)

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The 48in MXS 3D plane is built from EPP foam. The fuselage, main wings, tail set and motor mount are reinforced with full length carbon fiber rods, so the plane is lightweight, tough and crash resistant. This plane comes 90% assembled. The removable wings is convenient for transport and storage. The fuselage hatch allow you to install your electronics and battery inside the fuselage.


  • Wingspan: 48.0 in (1219 mm)
  • Length: 47.0 in (1193 mm)
  • Wing Area: 471 sq in (30.4 sq dm)
  • Flying weight: 1.8-2.0 lb (800-900 g)

Recommended Setup:

  • Motor system: G15 or G25-1100KV brushless outrunner motor
  • Speed control: 40A-60A ESC
  • servos: 4pcs micro servos
  • Prop: 12*6 or 13*6.5
  • 3S 1800-2200mAh LiPO

Additional Information

Length(in) 45.7
Material EPP
Type Profile
Wingspan(in) 48
Size Class .25-Size

Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for. Review by Airplane Addict
This plane is clearly a rip-off or rebranding of the Skywing MXS epp kit. that is unavailable in the US. It was cheap, so I tried it.

First impressions when opening the box - the plane looked amazing. The color really pops. Appeared to have been built really well.

Build experience - The manual doesn't match what is needed in a few spots including how the plane was framed up. A few examples: The manual shows the kit pre-hinged. It's not. The supplied CA hinges were too long for the space allotted in the tail feathers so I had to trim them. The ailerons were another issue. There are not pre-cut slots. Instead there are holes that appear to be meant for pin-type hinges. However, the holes don't line up. There was too much foam between the trailer edge of the wing and the internal balsa structure for me to be comfortable with CA-hinges. Instead, I used a blenderm tape hinge with Foam Tac. This has held up well. The servo arm extensions feel like paper thin cardboard...the flex alot. And the servo arm links are crap. The last issue was the magnets that hold the canopy on fell out and I had to re-glue them.

Flight experience - This thing flies amazing. The recommended G15 motor is an INSANE amount of power. Would probably be better with a G10 and a larger battery (then you could fly longer also).

My biggest issue with this set up was that I used the recommended servos from the manual (Tower Pro MG90S). These servos are complete garbage. This planes should be mandatory to have DIGITAL metal gear servos with even more torque. After 4 flights my elevator and rudder servos began to crap out. This bird is grounded till I buy some high quality servos.

Bottom line. You're already saving money on this plane, spend the extra money to get some GOOD digital servos and I think this could be a stellar set up. (Posted on 6/30/2018)
An airplane that is both light and big, making it easier to fly and land, and has very good aero design, with lots of side area and little rudder coupling into the other axes. Review by Ken
The big advantage of this airplane is that it is both large and light, so it has the advantages of large airplanes--easy to see at longer range and more stable to disturbances, without the penalty of high aerobatic and landing speeds. It will fly both slow 3d, including slow in knife edge, and reasonable pattern. It also has an aerodynamic design that minimizes coupling of rudder into other axes. I have not yet bothered with any mixes in knife edge. It pulls away from the canopy a bit in one direction, and other coupling is minor. I fly vertical knife edge figure 8s without any mixes. I have a Dualsky 3542 with 790KV, a 13-6.5 prop, and 3S 2200. I use high resolution servos, important if you use large throws. The good aerobatic performance does not come with the penalty that the pilot has to be highly skilled. It is a good, reasonably forgiving, sport airplane and can be flown quite casually if that is your preference.

There is plenty of room, including to shift the battery fore and aft. Use a battery strap. The structure is sophisticated, with plywood, carbon fiber, sheet EPP, and wire cut foam of some kind, and appears to be jig-built. There is good internal structure for the hinges. The only bad hardware was the servo arm extensions, which were too weak in torsion and had oversized holes--the other hardware was good to excellent. I do have a slight twist in one wing and am flying with some rudder trim,but it flies well enough that I have not taken the time to work on that (by adjusting the root incidence a little.) Another problem in summer heat is that the battery cooling is not adequate, and I am still working on where to add holes.

Highly recommended for both casual sport flying and more serious practice.
(Posted on 9/9/2017)
Order # 100139057 Review by Timothy
I was skeptical that a plane in this price range would be worth the trouble but I was in for a pleasant surprise. The overall kit quality is very good and builds into a very handsome model with the same trim scheme as the full scale MXS. Assembling the plane went well although I replaced the included pushrod connectors but this is a personal preference. The MXS flies very well and has a VERY large flight envelope but is happiest puttering around doing anything you want to try. I was immediately comfortable with it. I am still impressed in how much airplane you get for the money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 2/22/2016)

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48in Full Fuselage MXS Kit (EPP+Balsa)