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32in Edge 540 Kit (8mm EPP)

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32in Edge 540 Kit (8mm EPP)

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Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2014):
This is a fun plane and a great value...but being new to foamies (but not new to RC) I followed the instructions and recommendations during this build and learned a few things along the way that I would do differently next time. Thought I might pass on those ideas in case it helps someone else:

1. The aileron control horn is shown backwards in the instruction should be 'swept' towards the nose/front of the plane...not the tail/back (as shown).

2. Don't bother with the recommended 5g servos on the rudder and elevator. Just get 9g servos all the way around (3 total). They won't add significant weight and will last longer...and they also fit the precut servo slots better.

3. Install control horns to servos before gluing them into the fuselage. The instructions show the servos installed in the fuselage first (with no horns attached) but there's really no reason to do this and it just makes it more difficult to get the horns installed later.

4. Depending on your motor/battery choice you may have cut a new slot for the battery to get this plane to balance at the recommended CG (8.6" back from the nose...which is about 2" behind the spar). I used a Blue Wonder 1500 Kv motor I had lying around from another project and a 3S-450mAh Glacier battery and had to cut the battery slot back between the aileron and elevator servo to get the CG correct.

5. Plan on getting different landing gear (or just don't install the gear and hand launch) for outdoor flying. The included gear is probably fine for indoor flying (not sure as I don't fly indoors).

Hope that helps someone...enjoy!
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32in Edge 540 Kit (8mm EPP)