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32in Edge 540 Kit (8mm EPP)

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32in Edge 540 Kit (8mm EPP)

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Product Review (submitted on January 12, 2017):
Goes together like the other VH $25 epp planes...superb value. some cuts a little off or sloppy but juat use extra care during assembly and always dry fit and check things before gluing. VH planes tend to fly well in stock form, when configured as recommended by VH...plenty of power, no weight balance issues, etc.
One downside, if there is one, is this Edge version does not have the rudder and elevator authority of the giles 202 or sabre and therefore requires a bit more effort to 3D with my admittedly novice flying skills.
Id recommend the 3s power setup because you can still fly 2s batteries for longer more relaxed flight times, and pop in a 3s battery to go crazy. With the higher kv of a 2s motor, on the other hand, youre stuck with 2s batteries unless you change to smaller props. Also, with 3s motor and battery, the current draw is less than a 2s setup at same power output (power = volts x amps), so you can more safely get away with a slightly lighter and cheaper 10amp esc than 12 or 18amp.
hope that helps.
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32in Edge 540 Kit (8mm EPP)