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Hobby Eagle A3 V2 6-Axis Gyro Flight Stabilization Controller

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Hobby Eagle A3 V2 6-Axis Gyro Flight Stabilization Controller

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  • One-click Hover, Self-hover.
  • 4 Flight Modes: Normal, Auto-balance, Auto-hover, Gyro Off.
  • Standard wing type, Delta-wing and V-tail.
  • Remote Master Gain.
  • Servo Frequencies: 50Hz/125Hz/250Hz;
  • Separated gain adjustment for each flight mode.
  • Automatic stick centering.
  • HV (8.4V) operating voltage supported.
  • Futaba S.Bus / S.Bus 2 supported.
  • Easy to use, extremely well-suited to beginners.

Flight Mode

A3 Supports 4 flight modes, including Normal, Auto-balance , Auto-hover and Gyro Off mode. You can switch them using a 3-way switch on the transmitter. But if you are using a 2-way switch instead then you can only use 2 of them during flight. The color of the LED shows you that the flight mode currently selected, as shown below.
  Flight Mode Colors of LED Description
1 Normal Blue Gyro rate mode
2 Auto-balance Red Self-balance Mode
3 Auto-hover Blue & Red Self-hover Mode
4 Gyro Off Off Gyro deactivated mode

A3 allows you to choose 4 kinds of mode definitions for the 3-way switch, the factory default is Mode-1 (Normal-Balance-Hover). You can change it through function 7 in the setting menu, as shown below.

  Modes Position-1 Position-2 Position-3
1 Mode-1 * Normal Auto-balance Auto-hover
2 Mode-2 Normal Gyro Off Auto-balance
3 Mode-3 Normal Gyro Off Auto-hover
4 Mode-4 Auto-balance Gyro Off Auto-hover

Normal Mode

Normal mode is the most basic application of the gyro. In this mode, the gyro will sense angular velocity on each axis and make a momentary reaction. The normal mode is suitable for all types of fixed-wings, it can effectively improve the stability of your plane specially on a windy day.

Auto-balance Mode

The auto-balance mode is designed for the new beginners or the FPV applications. When operating in this mode, the controller will command the plane to maintain level flight automatically when you release the sticks. When switch it to this mode from any other modes in an emergency, the plane will recover to the level flight automatically, which we call "one-click rescue".

Auto-hover Mode

The auto-hover mode is another form of the self balance ability of the controller. The only difference is that the correction from the gyro will be applied to both pitch and yaw axes, to keep the plane always vertical. When switch to this mode, the plane will lift its nose and start to hover automatically, which we call "one-click hover".

Gyro Off Mode

Choose this mode to disable the gyros for all channels. The plane will be completely under the control of the radio. The plane will go back to its previous performance when operating it in this mode. Usually it is only used to test.


One-click Hover and Auto-hover

A new flight mode which we call Auto-hover was added in new A3. When operating in this mode, the self-balance ability will be applied to both elevator and rudder. The plane can hold its hover attitude without any control except the throttle.

 After switching to auto-hover flight mode, you only need to control the throttle to maintain enough pulling force for the plane. This mode can be used to reduce the difficulty of hover practice.

One-click Rescue and Auto-balance

The auto-balance mode is designed especially for the beginners or FPV applications. When operating it in this mode, the controller will help the plane achieve level flight automatically. It can be also used to recover the plane from any other attitudes, or help to get a stable takeoff and landing.

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Customer Reviews

Great Product Review by Old Hoosier
Great unit: Easy to install, Easy to use, Flies Great!

Install is super easy once you understand what's going on. Download instructions and follow them. There are instructions on You Tube. I used my DX-9. A 6 channel radio works fine. Using Aux 1 and a three way switch (I used the flap switch) allows turning the gyro on or off. This gives an escape route if things go wrong.

I set normal gain at 50%. I have about 10 flights on that gain setting and all looks good. It is rock solid. Everything is smooth and stable completely ignoring the 10 - 15 mph wind. Please note the airplane can and will crash if improperly flown. This unit is not a safety net. It just makes things easier

I recommend the A3 and the A3-L to anyone with above beginner skills. Things are much smoother from take-off to landing and every thing in between. (Posted on 10/9/2017)

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Hobby Eagle A3 V2 6-Axis Gyro Flight Stabilization Controller