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Hobby Eagle A3 Super lIl 6-Axis Flight Stabilization Gyro (without Programmer)

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Hobby Eagle A3 Super lIl 6-Axis Flight Stabilization Gyro (without Programmer)

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  • 32-bit MCU, high-precision 6-axis MEMS sensor, improved hardware platform and new firmware solution provide more reliable performance.
  • 6 flight modes, including Gyro-Off mode, Normal mode, Trainer mode, Atti-Lock mode, Auto-Level mode and Auto-Hover mode.
  • 6-position flight mode switching supported.
  • Compatible with most standard receivers, standard PPM single-line receivers and Futaba's S.Bus and S.Bus 2 receivers.
  • 7 wing types, dual aileron, dual elevator, delta-wing and v-tail supported.
  • External LED module, integrated with data interface, flat or upright various mounting orientations supported.
  • Sub trim and travel limit settings for servos, separate stick Rate and EXP settings for each mode.
  • Pass-through function for [A2] and [E2] channels.
  • Customizable hardware and software low pass filters for gyroscope and accelerometer, enable you to optimize the performance of the gyro as you wish.
  • Quick setup supported by using the programming card while flying outside.

Flight Mode:

A3S3 provides 6 different flight modes which can be changed by a 3-position switch (or 6-position logic switch) of the transmitter during flight.

Gyro-off Mode

Gyro-Off mode is usually used for testing purpose only. When this mode is selected, the gyro will be deactivated completely.The plane will be completely under the control of your transmitter as it was before installing the gyro.

Normal Mode

The Normal mode (also referred to as Rate mode) is the most basic function of the gyro. It works based on the rotation rate control of each axis of the plane. When operating in this mode, the gyro will only correct currently occurring rotational movements, a momentary reaction will be applied to the servos when the plane rotating on corresponding axis, after rotation the servos will move back to their neutral position as soon as the plane standing still immediately. Normal mode can  be used with nearly any size and type of airplanes. It can effectively improve the stability and precision of the plane and reduce the stall point specially.

Atti-lock Mode

The Atti-Lock mode is also referred to as the 3D mode or AVCS mode. Different from normal mode, the gyro will perform a permanent correction for rotational movements on each axis constantly. Moving the sticks will make the plane rotating at a certain speed on the corresponding axis, as long as the sticks are released the plane will stop and lock its current position immediately. This operation mode is well suited for practicing basic 3D maneuvers such as hovering or knife edge, so we also call it 3D flight mode. Since it can help you to lock the attitude of the plane, it's also helpful for landing. It is worth noting that when the gyro is operated in this mode, the servos will keep driving to one side if a specific control input is given, and the servos will not center even if the sticks are released, this is normal.

Trainer Mode

In Trainer mode you can only tilt the plane to a certain angle by giving aileron or elevator stick input. Roll and loop are not allowed in this mode, the plane will be stabilized all the time, independent of any stick input. This prevents the plane from being tilted into a larger angle that may cause a danger. As soon as the sticks are released, the plane will be brought back to horizontal position automatically. You can use this mode as emergency rescue, or in other applications, e.g. to have a training for new beginners or to use for FPV. The maximum angle allowed of trainer mode can be set using the program card or the software. In addition, changing the stick rate can also affect the max tilt angle.

Auto-level Mode

When operating in Auto-Level mode, the plane will be brought to normal horizontal position automatically when releasing the sticks. Different from the Trainer mode, there is no maximum angle limitation in this mode and the plane will be stabilized only when there is no specific control inputs from aileron and elevator sticks. This mode can be used if the pilot becomes disoriented and would like to save the plane from crashing.

Auto-hover Mode

The Auto-Hover mode provides the same functionality as the Auto-Level mode. The only difference is that when you release the sticks, the plane will be brought to vertical position (nose up) and keeps hovering. This flight mode is designed to help you to learn hovering maneuver and reduce the probability of crashing.


  • Main Controller: 32-bit MCU
  • Sensors: High-precision 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer
  • Gyroscope Scale Range: ±2000dps
  • Accelerometer Scale Range: ±4g
  • PWM: 920uS ~ 2120uS with 1520uS center length / 50~333Hz
  • Input Voltage: 4.8V~8.4V
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.1 x 0.6in(43×27×14mm)
  • Weight: 0.4oz/10g (excluding wires)

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Hobby Eagle A3 Super lIl 6-Axis Flight Stabilization Gyro (without Programmer)