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32in Sbach 342 Kit (8mm EPP)

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32in Sbach 342 Kit (8mm EPP)

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The Sbach 342 is constructed from 8mm EPP sheet. 8mm EPP is much stiffer and more durable than 3mm or 5mm EPP, so less reinforcements are required. The fuselage and wing incorporates one carbon fiber square tube and strip.

The assembly is easy because you don't need to connect carbon fiber rods between the fuselage and wings for reinforcements.

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  • Wingspan: 31.5 in (800 mm)
  • Length: 31.1 in (790 mm)
  • Wing Area: 226 sq in (14.6 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: Approx 8 oz (225-240 g)

Recommended Setup::

  • Radio: At least 4CH
  • Servo: 3 x 9g servo
  • Motor: 2206 1500KV motor (3S), 2206 1900KV motor(2S)
  • Speed Controller: 12A ESC
  • Battery and Prop: 8 x 4 on 2S LiPO; 8 x 4 on 3S LiPO.

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Additional Information

Length(in) 31.1
Material EPP
Type Profile
Wingspan(in) 31.5
Size Class No

Customer Reviews

Appears to be a knock-off of more expensive brands Review by James
Shipping on items ordered was prompt. The material is very slimmsy and will wrap easy when gluing parts together. All the holes on the servo arms extensions and the control arms had to be drilled out. The rudder servo cut-out on the fuselage was reversed and required switching the rudder and elevator servo locations.. I used a 2822 motor with a 12a ESC and a 8x4 prop powered by a 2S 850 mAh battery. I did not the use the landing gear, but used sections of the rods to strengthen the CG area because it was to slimmsy. The build took three times longer than expected. To my surprise, and after finding a good CG, this plane flew fairly well, although it is fragile. Even on a soft crash landing the fuselage tore at the wing, which is fixable with some glue. In hindsight I would probably consider a more durable and better quality plane from else where. Up weight is about 8.4 oz. (Posted on 6/6/2018)
A Good Do it Yourself Kit Review by Mark the Great One
If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Twisted Hobbys epp kits, this is it. This Value Hobby version of the SBach 342, 32 inch plane is perfect for those learning how to put together an epp airplane. For the expert builder, you get what effort you put into it. These kits in the hands of an expert builder will match the top of the line brand kits in terms of performance. Add top of the line servos, esc, and motor, and you have yourself a great flying airplane. The only thing I do not like are how the cuts sometimes do not line up. For example, the wing spar will encounter the uneven laser-cut channel between the wing and fuselage. Not a big deal for the expert, because all you need to do is cut a gap. Epp is a great material. It will take regular ca glue. Epp can also take glues like Goop, Welder glue, FoamTac, and E6000 without melting. This is a good do it yourself epp kit. (Posted on 7/11/2017)
Another five star kit Review by Brian
A fun building kit. Hovering is easy and this plane tumbles like crazy! (Posted on 8/30/2016)
Good, good, and good Review by Robert
Reading all the reviews, it seems this kit has been revised over the years.
The kit I got has the shown foam structure.
There's a frame with about fiberglass pieces including the control horns, motor mount(s), wheels, and servo arm extensions.

I used HXT 5 gram servos
460 mAh, 3 cell
Hextronic HXM2730-1700

Weighs 10.2 ounces

I used a landing gear with real wheels from a different foamie.
Everything was assembled with epoxy, used sparingly (wanted as much rigidity as possible, everywhere).

There's very little coupling on any axis. Perhaps due to the excessive power, I had to mix in a bit of right rudder with power application.

The elevator goes dead when in a power off dive. But, about 15% throttle is enough to reactivate it.

Plane come off the ground well (asphalt parking lot) and the rudder without a steerable tailwheel is fine.

My only real complaint is that the fiberglass motor mount system shredded immediately with full power.
I easily trued up the front of the foam bits and used a 1/16th" plywood in it's place.

(Posted on 5/3/2016)
cant go wrong for the price............. Review by Denny
for what your paying this is an awsome flyer! very stiff, not a floppy plane. (Posted on 9/20/2015)
Cheap fun Review by Kevin
I read about these 32" EPP profile planes on I finally decided to order one. It was really easy to build. It will take about three evenings to build it waiting for the glue to cure.

I am running mine on 3S lipos. The recommended motor, batteries, esc, prop, servos all work well with this plane. The motor provides plenty of power. The plane is very easy to fly and is very agile. The only downside was mine had a warped rudder which prevented me from rating this plane 5 stars. It took a little trim in my transmitter to get it to fly straight. Even with that problem, you can't go wrong with it especially considering the price. I will probably buy another when this one gets too ragged to fly. (Posted on 6/2/2015)
Great little airplane for the price Review by taus
Came well packed and looks great! Goes together without any problems, part fit and finish is great. The control horns, etc are all G-10, and all things were included in the kit. I looked for welders as many recommend but never found it (to lazy to order) and used Permatex Contact Cement from AutoZone. Without seeing welders, I bet they are very similar. This stuff seems to be about the same thing used to put laminate on counter tops... apply to both sides, wait a few min and stick together.

I feel the main spar is more "heavy duty" than required and I cut one side off using a bandsaw. I also went for the lightest build I could get...

Spektrum 6 channel park RX
500 mah Gforce 2S (from here)
Hitec HS-45 servos (I love these)
Suppo motor (the little one)
Off brand 10 amp ESC
9-10x 4.7 prop

Came out at 7.90 oz

I have flown others which are lighter and they fly great but for the savings of $50+ dollars and the little I'll be flying in the gym, I'll deal with a little extra weight.

Flew it and flys awesome! Great buy. (Posted on 12/23/2014)
like this plane Review by r
Like this plane allot. Flying on 2s with the sunnysky 1900 kav 2s 500mha battery. Flies well,
only negative is you need to keep it slow for 3d flight. If you fly these fast you will get a flutter in the elevator. I thought at first it was the cheap servos I used so I changed to an expensive Hitec and still had this trouble, less so but I can still make the flutter if I fly to fast. Great little plane though. (Posted on 8/29/2014)
Great plane! Review by kevin
My first 32" epp and I love it. Snaps, rolls, knife edges, and all other 3D moves are great. Love this plane will be adding more of them to my hanger! (Posted on 7/22/2014)
Great deal for the money Review by Me
I consider myself and intermediate pilot, I'm not into 3D just sport flying,

Figured for the price I couldn't lose and I was right.

I have built many flat fomies from scratch but my situation won't allow it now so I picked up this little bird.

Assembly was very quick, pretty hard to screw up. Recommended CG is for 3D flying and I found I like it balanced on the Spar like most aircraft for sport flying.

Instructions are adequate for someone that is experienced but if this is your first time, take your time, put it all together dry, test fit and think it through and you will get it going quickly.

I did not use the landing gear as I fly in a pasture but they look like typical LG an after thought.

I used Welders glue and Hot glue to assemble. Overall you can't beat it for the price

I'm running:
2212-15 cheapo yellow motor
Tower Pro 5G AND 9G servos
9x3.8 Slowfly prop with Prop saver (a must for pasture flying)
3S 500 MAH batteries
AUW came in at 10 OZ
Flight time is about 4 min. I like to quit with the batteries above 20%

It flies flat and level at 3/4 Throttle I may try a slightly more powerful motor if it does not weigh too much more.

I will order another when I kill this one, I have tore it up a bit with a failed first motor and ripped the nose off on the first flight but a little welders and 30 min and it was back in the air.

Typical EPP foam fast to repair and get flying again!

I like it!

My only complaint is the included wood parts are a tad brittle I soaked them in thin CA and they are holding up OK so far. - but remember what it costs :-)

(Posted on 4/1/2014)
Great value. Review by Don
I'm impressed overall with this plane. Dense, high quality foam adds a little weight but is nice and stiff. I had to trim the edges where I glued but it was worth it. Paint is beautiful but too thick. Built with 21g 250 slowfly motor, 10amp controller, 2 5's and a 9. Glued with minimal foam Tac it came in at 224g flying an APC 9x4.7 on 2cell. Battery has to be almost to the front with light motor and lacks meteoric vertical but flies nice 3d. 4.5 - 5 minute flight pulls 50-60% out of a 500mah battery but no heat in anything. I'll buy another from this series for sure! (Posted on 3/9/2014)
3D Machine Review by Nathan
I just finished up the little Sbach last night, the build was a breeze, and I thought I would go over to my local park to do a test flight to see if I had to adjust anything. Before I knew it I was doing hovers and high alphas because it was such a breeze to fly! In high alpha there was no wing rock at all and in a hover I was speechless. I would definatly recommend this plane! (Posted on 1/12/2014)
Great plane to learn and practice 3D flying Review by Brent
I purchased this plane after seeing very favorable comments on RCGroups. Not sure about what I would get for $25 and set my expectations low so as not to be too, am I pleased. This plane and the other three 8mm EPP sister planes come nicely painted and include all the items needed to complete a plane minus the electronics. The tab construction make for an easy and quick assembly of the fuselage and all of the hinges already completed.

This pane and the sister Red Bull and Lazer planes have become my favorite go to planes when I just want to work on 3D flying. The EPP foam is very durable and when repairs are needed a little Welders and I am back flying in minutes. When repairs are needed I have found I can fly another plane for a battery or two and then return back to the now repaired plane for more thrashing. The biggest negative for me is that I find them often out of stock and disappear pretty quickly when in stock. As for the plane I have found the motor mount to be the weakest link. I use an old gift card that I epoxy to the weak wood mount and am good to go.

I have not found more fun for $25 than this group of 8mm EPP planes. (Posted on 12/28/2013)
Easy Build Review by shane
It was an easy build and Kit included everything needed to complete. I haven't flown it but I have built many foamie's and this one is nice. Good Buy with carbon included. (Posted on 10/16/2013)
GREAT BUY! Review by JavaScript
Great plane.. .great price... what more do you need.

Search RCGROUPS for my build and review. Great plane.

2 recommendations.

Replace with stronger carbon fiber the 2 push rods for the elevator and rudder.

And build some trussing on one side of the tails section to reduce in-flight twist.

Otherwise.. Fly the He!! out of it.. :)
J (Posted on 6/28/2013)

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32in Sbach 342 Kit (8mm EPP)