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  1. 22in Blackbird Pusher Jet (Foamboard)

    Foamboard construction is almost crash-resistant.
    Works great with inexpensive E400 size motors. View Details
  2. 22in F4 Phantom 64mm EDF Kit (EPS Foam)

    Unpainted F4 Phantom EDF Jet Kit
    64mm 5 Blade EDF system with 2604-3900KV brushless motor included View Details

    Out of stock

  3. 24in Mini F-22 Pusher Jet (Foamboard)

    Smaller version of the F-22 pusher jet with airfoiled wings. View Details

    Out of stock

  4. 31in Zeta Ultra-Z Blaze Kit (EPO Foam)

    EPO foam construction. No electronics included.
    Can be setup as pusher prop, single 64mm EDF or twin 55mm EDF. View Details
  5. 31in Condor X75 Kit (EPO Foam)

    Twin tail prop jet good for practicing for EDF jet flying.
    This airplane is a kit and does NOT include any electronics. View Details
  6. 41in T-45 Goshawk 70mm EDF Kit (EPO Foam)

    Durable EPO Construction.
    This kit does NOT include any electronics. View Details
  7. 40in Zeta Dolphin Jet Kit (EPO Foam)

    Can be powered by pusher-prop or EDF systems.
    Very crash resistant and suitable as a trainer for flying EDF. View Details