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Arduino Board & Acc

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  1. 21cm Dupont Male to Female Jumper Cable (40P)

    Dupont Male to Female Jumper Cables View Details
  2. 5pcs TP4056 5V Micro USB 1A Lithium Battery Charging Board Charger Module

    100% brand new and high quality
    Charge module: Linear charging
    Input voltage: 4.1-4.2V
    Input interface: mini USB View Details
  3. CC2541 AT-09 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible HM-10 Transceiver Module For Arduino Android

    HM-10 AT-09 4.0 BLE CC2541 Bluetooth Wireless Module For Arduino Android View Details

    Out of stock

  4. NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module

    Ultra low power consumption
    Auto-acknowledge and auto-retransmit
    View Details
  5. 3D Printer A4988 Reprap Step Motor Driver Module w/ Heatsink (5PCS)

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $4.99

    Suitable for Mendel Huxley 3D printer
    View Details
  6. 2 Pcs Microphone Sensor High Sensitivity Sound Detection Module For Arduino

    Using for detecting the sound intensity of ambient.
    Adjustable sensitivity (adjusted by the blue digital potentiometers)
    Output form: Digital switching outputs ( 0 and 1 high and low Level)
    Easy installation with bolt hole
    View Details
  7. Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100

    Controller: W5100
    Size: 2.76 x 2.12 x 0.94in (7 x 5.4 x 2.4cm)
    Fits all version of Arduino main board: 2009, UNO, Mega 1280, Mega 2560 View Details
  8. 21cm Dupont Male to Male Jumper Cable (40P)

    Regular Price: $1.85

    Special Price $1.00

    Dupont Male to Male Jumper Cables
    Joints strong pressure line resistivity is much lower than GB
    Tin solder joints have to prevent copper oxidation, long service life.
    Length 21CM, Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin headers
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  9. 2pcs 600mA 0.9V-5V to 5V DC-DC Converter Step Up Boost Module with USB

    The temperature range of industrial-grade: - 40 ℃ - + 85 ℃
    The conversion efficiency is high, up to 96%.
    Bring the USB female, wide range of USES
    View Details
  10. STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board For Arduino

    STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board For Arduino View Details
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