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69in Aviator Pro 40 ARF (Balsa)

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69in Aviator Pro 40 ARF (Balsa)

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This is an Almost-Ready-to-Fly sports plane for intermediate modelers. All-balsa wood construction, no foam parts! Pre-covered. The inside of the fuselage can be accessed through the large plastic cowling.

The Avaiator Pro is an improved version of our Bluebird aerobatic trainers. The Aviator Pro replaced the plastic engine cover with a fiberglass cowling for improved durability. We added a fuselage hatch for easy access of LiPO battery and other electronics. We also added wheel pants for a more scale appearance.


  • Wing Span: 68.5 in
  • Wing Area: 610 sq in
  • Length: 48 in
  • Flying Weight: 5.2~5.4 lbs

Recommended Setup:

  • Motor: G32 4250-800kv brushless outrunner motor
  • Speed Control: 60A ESC
  • Prop: 13 x 6.5
  • Servo: 4 x standard servo (5 for nitro)
  • Battery: 3300mah 4s LiPO

Additional Information

Length(in) 48
Material Balsa/Plywood
Type Trainer/Beginner
Wingspan(in) 68.5
Size Class .40-Size

Customer Reviews

Nice looking plane, stable flight Review by james
Purchased this ARF from a friends recommendation. Kit went together easy. Would recommend beefing up landing gear interior with extra balsa and epoxy. Gear snapped on 7th flight and folded back into the fuselage which required rebuild. Landing gear itself is very narrow and handles horrible on the ground (grass field) also upgrade to the 90mm foam wheels. Setup is a 4s 3300 30c with the g32 60a opto, a 1800mah pack for reciver and servos and a 13x6.5 APC electric prop. Took very little trim to fly true. Mild aerobatics such as inverted flight, loops, rolls and knife edge are all doable. For a little more speed and performance I would recommend the g46/80a opto. Nice slow flyer with the g32 setup. (Posted on 5/24/2015)
red aviator pro 40 Review by richard bouslog
this by far the best deal in arf.planes such a cool lookin plane and my is it a great flyer,my only gripe is the landing gear to narrow,wheels and pants to small for grass anyway,i put mine on floats with 61 four stroke,used value hobby hobbies std. ball brg. servo's .and buy the way they worked great also,
plane comes in a little hot it might be the floats , but it Is no problem, this plane looks so cool in the air on floats
I liked it so much I bought the big one to fly at the field,and it fly's just as good,it will slow down nice for landing
so if you want the best deal in a arf. rc planes get one of these planes!! you can't go wrong.............

p.s.cut some windows out of black iron covering and iron them on,
wish they came with decals but no big deal,..........

(Posted on 11/14/2014)
Excellent craftsmanship Review by Vince
This plane looks great. Wood airframes are absolutely superior to EPO. EPO always has that bubble look to it. This airplane is smooth. The transparent covering is somthing you can't get with EPO. This plane has no mold de-airation or injection marks on this like you have in EPO. Value Hobby, please keep carrying these nicer looking wood airframes. They are so much better than a piece of foam. I have been flying this one for 8 months now, and it's holding up great. (Posted on 8/24/2014)
Some areas need reinforcment Review by Builder
The landing gear is too weak for this model, needs a stronger gear. The firewall needs epoxy. I think they built it with white glue. The landing gear wood internally needs gussets and epoxy for more strength. The tail tends to hang low on turns with the factory suggested balance point, so you may need to move that forward about 1/4"-3/8", that's about 7mm - 10 mm for the rest of the world. Remember to put iron on windows before you start the nitro engine, I forgot, and now I can't put them on. This plane also works well to tow gliders up. This plane is has a very slow roll rate, and very effective rudder. The box it comes with for installing the electric motor looks good from a distance, but when you look at it closely, it was put together with a very brittle white glue. I recommend taking it apart sanding the joints, and re-gluing it with epoxy. The center of the wing will need to be epoxied, and a strip of fiberglass used at the center section, both top and bottom. This will strengthen the wing in case you decide to pull some serious G's. The way the instructions tell you to put the wing together, will only hold light loads. (Posted on 6/6/2014)
Fast airplane Review by Vince
I have this one powered with an OS 52 four stroke. It's a great looking airplane. The wing is nearly fully symmetrical, thin chord, which makes it very fast. Landing speeds are very fast. Roll rates are slow, your buying this for the classic look anyway. Its a very stable plane, point it and it stays there. You will need some tail weight when you put a nitro in it. With the extra weight, it handles wind like its not there. I fly electric also, but the extra mass and power of nitro lets me fly in 30 mph winds no problem. My electrics all stay home on windy days, and Texas has plenty of wind. With the great looks and the sound and smell of the four stroke engine, your flying a nice classic looking airplane that satisfies. I used a landing gear that is twice the width wheel to wheel. Much stability was gained by doing this. The landing gear is also wider front to rear, from a true nitro plane, providing springiness and much more strength. I used the same wheel pants and wheels that are provided, because I take off and land on concrete. If you fly on grass, you will need to double the wheel diameter. So far the shake of the four stroke has not broken the glue joints around the firewall.
Been flying 34 years, and this one get high marks. (Posted on 4/23/2014)

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69in Aviator Pro 40 ARF (Balsa)