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54in Aviator 25 ARF (Balsa)

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54in Aviator 25 ARF (Balsa)

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Items Needed to Complete

This is an Almost-Ready-to-Fly trainer plane for beginner modelers. All-balsa wood construction, no foam parts! Pre-covered in an attractive trim scheme. Hardware for nitro motor setup is included, but the plane is very easy to convert to electric because it has a fuselage hatch for easy access inside the fuselage.

This plane is an ARF and does not include any electronics.


  • Wing Span: 54 in
  • Wing Area:438 sq in
  • Length:45 in
  • Flying Weight:3.8 lbs

Recommended Setup

  • Motor: 3542-1100KV brushless outrunner motor
  • Speed Controller: 50A ESC
  • Prop: 12 x 6
  • Servo: 4 x standard servo
  • Battery: 2200mAh 3s LiPO

Additional Information

Length(in) 45
Material Balsa/Plywood
Type Trainer/Beginner
Wingspan(in) 54
Size Class .25-Size

Customer Reviews

Great flying plane Review by Terry
I have been flying for five months now. I started out with fomies and just love the responsiveness of the balsa planes. The build was easy enough; just down load the instructions from the website. (The one in the box is not as complete.) I got it together, the hardest part for me was drilling the wing, but I managed. One of my rods to the tail and elevator were too short and I did not like the plastic clevises so I replaced them with metal. I did it as an electric and you will have to add some lead weight to the nose to get the CG correct. I did have to bend the landing gear back slightly to get it to sit correctly. I used an 11x6 prop because if you are landing on the 12inch prop will work, unless you’re a landscaper mowing grass. I did not use screws on battery compartment. I put CA on the wood then drilled it, inset a strong magnet, glued it and finally glued a washer on the bottom of the removable door. Unless you are willing to take the wing off to change the battery I could not get anything bigger than a 2200mha battery to fit. Using the power 15 motor this will give you about an 8 to 10 minute flight.

The maiden flight went well; wind was 5 to 6 mph. The plane did well and I was able to do basic acrobatics. (Fly inverted, loops, rolls, stall turns, etc…No knife edge of course.) The plane has a slight dihedral and rights its self nicely, if power is removed! It handled the wind well and the extra weight I’m sure helps. New flyers remember to give down elevator while taxing to keep the steering on the ground. Get up to speed then pull back slightly on the stick for a gentle clime out. The plane has wonderful docile flight characteristics at half throttle, power up for any acrobatics.

If I had it to do all over again this would be my first trainer and I would skip the foam! This plane is a tank and will withstand a lot. Youtube video below! (Posted on 10/4/2013)

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54in Aviator 25 ARF (Balsa)