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65in Aviator 40 ARF (Balsa)

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65in Aviator 40 ARF (Balsa)

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Items Needed to Complete

This is an Almost-Ready-to-Fly trainer plane for beginner modelers. All-balsa wood construction, no foam parts! Pre-covered in an attractive trim scheme. Hardware for nitro motor setup is included, but the plane is very easy to convert to electric because it has a fuselage hatch for easy access inside the fuselage.

This plane is an ARF and does not include any electronics.


  • Wing Span: 65 in
  • Wing Area: 729 sq in
  • Length: 53 in
  • Flying Weight: 5.3 lbs

Recommended Setup(not included):

  • Motor: 4250-800KV brushless outrunner motor
  • Speed Controller: At least 60A ESC
  • Prop: 13 x 6.5 prop
  • Servo: Standard servo x 4
  • Battery: 3300mAh 4s LiPO

Additional Information

Length(in) 53
Material Balsa/Plywood
Type Trainer/Beginner
Wingspan(in) 65
Size Class .40-Size

Customer Reviews

First rate plane Review by Robert
This is a very nice plane. It’s your basic high wing Cessna style trainer with a 5 ft. wingspan and no bad habits. The $85.00 price tag and nice hardware package make it an excellent value. No, it’s not perfect, but few things are in this world. For a beginner with no experience or help, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. If you have some experience building or a friend that does, then I’d say it gets an 8.5 or 9 out of 10. I’m quite happy with this plane and recommend it to anyone looking for a solid bigger plane on a budget. As I only have a few flights on it so far I will be trimming and tweaking a bit more as I go, but that’s what I do to all my planes. A longer review with photos of my modifications is on RC Groups. (Posted on 8/1/2018)
Extremely Stable and a joy to fly Review by John Taylor
I stumbled on this plane by accident. It is an easy build but I found the vertical stabilizer to be poorly fabricated with no reinforcement of the framing. I cut the monokote open and reinforced the tail. by adding pieces to tie it together then covered it over again.
I have I own 7 nitro planes but this is the one that I most frequently take to the field. The long wingspan makes it very stable in the air and if you are a new flyer as I am it is as close to stress free flying as you will ever find. I modified mine by installing an Eagletree Guardian flight stabilizer but this is not really needed. I crashed two of these which I attribute to pilot error meaning that I flew it to the outer range of its receiver. I love it enough though, that I am going back to Value Hobby and ordering one more.
I flew mine with an OS 46 engine which is plenty of power for this aircraft. This plane and the Avistar Elite are the two planes I have no regret purchasing. This though is my all time favorite.. (Posted on 6/15/2017)
Nice plane easy build. flies great. Review by Michael Gardner
I bought this plane for my son to get him interested in the hobby.It was a easy build and the manual was easy to follow.It went together quick with no problems.
We installed a .40 glow we had laying around and it has plenty of power for what ever you want to do.
We didn't epoxy the wing together so it would be easier to transport.The spar broke on the third flight on landing. Made a few mods to the fuselage where the wing sits and made a new spar from 1/4 ply.
The price and shipping were great! Got this plane to the house for $100.00. I will be getting another Balsa plane from V.H. (Posted on 3/14/2016)
Best Nitro airframe under $100 Review by Michael
I'll start by saying that I'm flying my aviator 40 with an evolution 46 92nd and very cheap servos.
The package arrived quickly. It was double boxed and everything was perfect. Assembly was very quick and easy. The instructions were clear and well written.
The plane flies wonderfully. The supplied fuel tank keeps me flying around 12 minutes at full throttle and upwards of 20 at lower speeds.
Speaking of lower speeds, I normally cruise this thing around at under half throttle and it's slow, predictable and fun.
Easily the best $76 I've spent in quite a while. (Posted on 8/5/2015)
Plane handeling Review by Harry
I have had so much fun flying this plane. The only thing that I changed was I made it a Tail dragger and that made a big difference it the way it took off and landed, So much easier. I am running a OS 46 with a 10x6 prop and it just float's in the air. It will fly sloooow or it will fly fast and do all kind's of trick's. Loop's, rolls and just about any thing that you ask of it. The best thing is it is a very good starter plane for any body. Thank you for reading my post on this Plane (Posted on 7/28/2014)
Great starter plane for newbie to the hobby Review by Robert
I have always wanted to get into the hobby of Rc planes. My wife wanted to do all the research to find the best starter plans. She looked at review after review and came up with the trainer Aviator 40. My only stipulation was it had to be big.
I had about 10 hours into the build and ran into some snags (the instructions were a little too vague). My wife went online and got me different instructions so back to work I went. I was almost finished so I took it to a buddy who has been flying for years and he helped me fine tune it.
I am running a .52 nitro motor on it with a 11/7 prop. My buddy strapped the fuselage to the fence and fired it up to break in the motor. After revving the motor a few times, the bungee snapped and it darted forward and snapped the prop.
Obviously ready to fly, to the airfield we went. LIFTOFF!!! He flew it past the runway a few times and brought it in for a landing. As he came in, he noticed the nose gear was twisted at a 90° but it with his skill level was able to land it.
When I went out to retrieve it I noticed the linkage of one of the ailerons was dangling. So not only did he land it with twisted nose gear, but also one aileron. The moral of this maiden flight is (blue Locktite is your friend) (Posted on 5/5/2014)
Great Plane Review by Harry
This is a very good airplane. The covering and construction is very good. I have had a lot of fun with this plane. I am running a .46 Size nitro engine in this and it fly's great. Even in 10 to 20 MPH wind. (Posted on 1/22/2014)

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65in Aviator 40 ARF (Balsa)