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FrSky 2.4GHz TELEMETRY Transmitter Module For JR (DJT)

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FrSky 2.4GHz TELEMETRY Transmitter Module For JR (DJT)

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  • Operating Voltage Range:6.0V-13.0V
  • Operating Current:50mA
  • Output Power:60mW
  • Resolution:11bit(3072)

2. DFT is compatible with below transmitters


3. DJT is compatible with all FrSky V8 and TW receivers below (TF receivers excluded).


  Receiver series Channels Weight (g) Range Analog
telemetry ports
Digital data-stream port Extra functions
V8R4   4 2.6 >500m      
V8R7-HV   7 7.5 full range      
V8R7SP     9 full range     CPPM
V8FR-HV   8 14 full range      
VD5M 5 1.7 >300m      
D4FR   4 4 full range     CPPM, RSSI
D6FR   6 7.1 full range √(with in-built
voltage sensor)
  normal & fast speed modes
D8R-II   8 12.2 full range normal & fast speed modes
D8RSP     12.2 full range CPPM

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Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Drew
Bought this module to replace my stock FlySky 9x module. Was hoping to get more range and added failsafe. The 9x transmitter interface with the module has a plastic housing around the pins that interferes with the DJT module. What I did was to disassemble the DJT module and enlarge the opening around the pin sockets. Most people disassemble the transmitter itself and cut away the plastic housing. I think it was easier to work on the DJT module, plus it's less expensive to buy a new module if you make a mistake.

Binding to the new receivers (I also ordered V-series and a D-series receivers) went perfectly. Also set up failsafe, which works perfectly when you lose transmitter signal. With the D-series receivers, the telemetry feedback causes the DJT module to beep if the signal is weak. This also worked perfectly and offers a great peace of mind so you don't have to guess when your plane is getting too far away for a strong signal.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the DJT module. Receivers are fairly cheap and the telemetry option is well worth the effort to upgrade to this module. (Posted on 8/26/2013)

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FrSky 2.4GHz TELEMETRY Transmitter Module For JR (DJT)