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GForce 5C 700mAh 2S 6.6V LiFe RX Pack

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GForce 5C 700mAh 2S 6.6V LiFe RX Pack

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LiFe (lithium iron phosphate) is a lithium-based battery technology that is more stable and safer than LiPO. A123 batteries are based on LiFe technology. LiFe packs can be charged very rapidly and be discharged all the way without damage. Their lower voltage make them suitable for receivers that use 6V receiver batteries. On the downside, LiFe packs have lower voltage and smaller capacity than LiPOs of the same weight.

Product Highlights:

  • Lighter and smaller than NiCad and NiMH battery of the same capacity
  • Lower voltage than a LiPO, can be used with 6V receivers without a voltage regulator.
  • Includes two universal RX connectors, compatible with both Futaba and JR RX.
  • Includes one JST connector for rapid charging. Charge your pack in as little as 10 min.
  • More cycle life than LiPO, up to 1000 charge cycles.
  • More stable and durable than a LiPO. LiFe rarely catch fire and would not be damaged in over-discharge.


  • 700mAh Capacity
  • 2S - 6.6V - 5C Discharge
  • Dimensions: 53mm X 12mm X 22mm(2.09in X 0.47in X 0.87in)
  • Weight: 43.9g (1.55oz)
  • Comes with Align/E-Flite balancing taps (JST-XH)
  • Two Universal Receiver Connector (compatible with both Futaba and JR receivers) and One JST connector installed
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Additional Information

Applicable Airplane No
Type LiFe
Voltage 2S
Discharge Rate 5C
Discharge Connector TX/RX
Battery Capacity 700
Capacity Range 500 - 800mAh

Customer Reviews

Great Tx battery. Review by Dylan
I have four of these and they are great value for using in transmiters for cars. My main brand ARRMA has their Tx ready for batteries with a JST plug right out of the box which is awesome. And if you get a couple of these and use them in place of AA batteries for your craft you are looking at saving around $1000, not kidding $1000 in saving when using these over regular AA batteries. You can't go wrong with these especially if your Tx supports it factory. I have a couple Tx that I may mod to use these which isn't hard just chop off the battery holder and throw on a JST. (Posted on 4/5/2015)
Fast charging, reliable, compact batteries Review by Paul
These compact batteries charge rapidly (although I tend to use 1c after flying), hold their charge and improve servo response over the much heavier NiCd/NiMh 4.8v packs. By switching from standard 4.8v NiMh packs to this smaller 700mAh pack I saved 75g! I still get 5 x 9min flights on my 25 size Easy Stick (see review) with 2 flights safety margin.

I also feel more confident that he 6.6v voltage (even with higher loads) will help prevent "brownouts" that can occur in 2.4gHz systems under load with a 4.8v pack.

Only downside is that like all LIFe packs, voltage isn't a good indicator of available power. Use, recharge and see mAh input to estimate average mAH use/capacity.

Happy landings.

PD (Posted on 10/20/2014)
Good value, good battery, fast shipping Review by Jonathan
I have had this battery for several months, I use it in a transmitter instead of 6 AA batteries. I can not really say how many flights it will last, but it lasts me for a month at least with several flights a week. Much better than using AA Nimh, alkaline, or any other batteries I have tried in my transmitters. I like it so much that I ordered a 9.9 volt life battery from Value Hobby for my walkera Devo 10 transmitter. Took less than a week to deliver to Texas. I also ordered a 1300mah 2s lipo and it came well balanced, well packaged and at the proper storage charge. Good Lifepo batteries are not that easy to find and sometimes expensive. I have recommended these batteries and Value Hobby to others.:) (Posted on 5/23/2014)
Super Convenient and Cost Effective Review by Husein
I've had these for a year and have worked out great. The only drawback is that you have to have access to the balance plug as well as the regular battery plug, which could normally be accessed from the charge jack. Also, these LifFe batteries hold the charge longer, so a 700 mAh lasts me the whole flying seesion, compared to needing a 1400 mAh MiMh battery that continously self-discharges.

The also charge quite fast, so I can be flexible about choosing which plane to fly at the last minute. (Posted on 8/27/2013)

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GForce 5C 700mAh 2S 6.6V LiFe RX Pack