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MWC SE V2.0 Flight Control Board/USB Programmer Combo

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A combo for flight configuration setup
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  • ATmega328P microcontroller
  • MPU6050 6-axis digital gyro/accelerometer.
  • BMA180 Accelerometer
  • BMP085 barometric pressure sensor
  • HMC5883L 3-axis magnetometer
  • I2C socket for extend sensor, I2C LCD/OLED display or CRIUS I2c-GPS NAV board
  • FTDI/UART TTL socket for debug, upload firmware or LCD display
  • Separate 3.3V (150mA) and 5V(500mA) LDO voltage regulator
  • Up to 8-axis motor output
  • 6 input channels for standard receiver and PPM SUM receiver
  • 2 servos output for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system
  • Can utilize a servo's output to trigger a camera button
  • Small size, 35x35mm mounting holes( can be changed to 45mm by distribution board)

Flight mode:

    Basic Modes:

    • ARCO
    • Level
    • Alt hold
    • Head lock

    Optional Modes:

    • Headfree
    • GPS Hold (Need GPS receiver + I2C-GPS NAV Board)
    • GPS Return to home position (Need GPS receiver + I2C-GPS NAV Board)

    Now this board supports singelcopter, bicopter, tricopter, quadp, quadx, Y4, Y6, Hex6, Hex6x, Octox8, Octoflatp, Octoflatpx, Flying wing, V-tail4, Fixed-wing airplane, gimbal system.


    What is the MWC?

    "MWC' is an abbreviation for "MultiWii Copter'. first originally writen by French Alex and after two years of joint efforts of many enthusiasts, this open source program has become increasingly mature. Now high-preformance economically priced MWC control board is very popular. Through the MWC program to control the hardware platform, the hobbyists can easily achieve a high level flight experience on their multi-rotor aircraft. It is convenient for the pilots to adjust depending on the different flight requirements such as aerial photography, FPV, aerobatics and so on .

    Compared to KK or ACM, MWC has a more stable flight performance, not requires much experience for the beginners and have a more intuitive modification process.(there is GUI where you can visualize and configure several indicators and parameters)

    If you want to get more information about MWC, get to




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