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65in P-51D Mustang ARF (Balsa)

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65in P-51D Mustang ARF (Balsa)

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Items Needed to Complete

This RC warbird is the third balsa P51on our store and can be used with electric or nitro. It features scale details and high flight performace. This p51 has functinal flaps and retract landing gears. The wing is removable for easy transportation and storage. The inside of fuselage can be accessed through the hatch.

All quality hardwares are included.


  • Wingspan: 64.8 in(1646 mm)
  • Wing Area: 716 sq in(46.2 sq dm)
  • Length: 55.9 in(1420 mm)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs(3400 g)

This P-51D is an ARF kit and does not includes any electronics.

Items Still Required to Complete (NOT INCLUDED):

  • 6CH or more TX/RX
  • Standard servo x 6; 7 if you use nitro motor (aileron x 2, elevator, rudder, flaps x 2, throttle if you use nitro motor)
  • Low-profile retract servo x 2
  • 12-inch Y-harness x 3
  • 18-inch Servo Extension x 2
  • 24-inch Servo Extension x 2
  • G60 (5065-400kv) Brushless Motor (.75-.90 cu in 2-stroke nitro motor)
  • 15x8E prop (nitro/gas prop if you use nitro motor)
  • 80A ESC
  • Receiver battery
  • 5000mah 6s LiPO

Additional Information

Length(in) 55.9
Material Balsa/Plywood
Type Aerobatic
Wingspan(in) 64.8
Size Class .60-Size

Customer Reviews

great price not bad quality Review by Randall
Here it is Ive had good luck with this plane so far.One thing though the landing gear mount.The first flight no problems but, very smooth landing.Third time not so smooth landing but not very hard either.mount you screw retracts to broke on one side.The glue job at factory let go and caused minor damage tearing it up.No biggy did repair and epoxy glued back on with supports on underside of mount both sides.Next day .Pretty windy but flew anyways.Handled wind fine and very stable.Ok this was pilot erra came in for landing and didnt keep speed up.Hit pretty dam hard ,not good.Needless to say the other retract mount let go broke same exact way as other retract but the one I fixed the day before no damage to mount except bent the retract wire .Oh well.I suggest rework the wood glue job on mounts remove it support it and epoxy back togather so this doesnt happen to you.Im buying another P 51 to mod in winter.Just cant beat the price or quality.I went with c5065 320 kv motor g force using castle creations 120 light esc 8 cell ( 2, 4 cell) 35 c 5500 mah.Plenty of power and get 6 min flight times with cells at 3.8 on landing.Only need one landing retract.I used spectrum A7040 high voltage retract just fine.Good luck! (Posted on 6/19/2016)
Great value but you need some building experience to make fixes Review by Ibrahim
So I bought this plane several years ago but just got to finishing it and went flying it last weekend. I build it with an OS 60 nitro, you have the option for electric.
I bought it because of the value and I have to say I would do it again, even though I spent a bunch of money to make it proper, specially the landing gear. Agree with prior feedback on the dowels and poor instructions etc but the landing gear was the most problematic...( i have a great recommendation so keep reading)
I struggled with keeping the landing gear locked and burned through a couple of servos even before flying so it was already frustrating me before flying. I bought from Tower replacement mechanical gear with much better locking mechanism and got it ready to fly. On it's maiden flight it took off beautifully. I had added a bit too much weight to the back, so nose light, but after some trimming and it was fine.
I was always worried about it's weight (almost 7 lbs with all the servos) and so upon landing the landing gear wooden supports just broke off completely tearing through the undercarriage.
It gave me the opportunity to rethinking the landing gear, and after research I bought from Hobby King the Turnigy Full metal Servo-less 90 Degree Retracts 134mm Oleo Legs. I paid $35...awesome deal !!! Compared to $160 from Horizon. (just replace the wheels with the ones that came with the kit)
I rebuilt the wooden undercarriage support to fit the new landing gear and reinforced the area. Now with 2 servos gone, its much lighter and the undercarriage is solid. Happy flying. Be happy to share pics. (Posted on 6/4/2016)
Decent P51 for the price Review by cham
This is a nice simple - no frills model that flys well. If you plan to put a serious motor in it, you might want to increase the incidence of the horizontal stabilizer, or positive decalage. Mine had a tendency to really climb, especially at the higher speeds. Adding about 1.8 degrees positive to the stab seems to be about right for mine. Using a Scorpion 4025 SII 520 kv motor on 6 - cell 5000 mAh & APC 14 x 10 gives me all the speed I need. The flaps only drop to approximately 25 degrees, but I haven't found a need for more. It would be nice if the air scoop had been made with a bit more detail and shape like some of the more expensive designs, but I guess if you want that kind of detail - you'll need to pay quite a bit more. All in all, it's a very nice bargain - that flys great.
(Posted on 4/14/2016)
nice plane for the price. Review by eli
Just got my mine today and its a lot bigger than I thought and lighter too. Its a .60 size. The motor box needs a Lil lite ply and epoxy for nitro setup. The retrack rails need to be reinforced a Lil but all and all a great buy for the buck.
Fast shipping too. I will buy more if they can stay in stock, lol. (Posted on 2/28/2015)
Unbelievable quality and value. Review by Paul
This is the second mustang I've purchased from value hobby. The quality build of this arf is unmatched. Square lines, this plane flies true. As you can see from my previous post on the review board I have equipped this aircraft with an electric set up. Since the last review I have upgraded to an E flite Power 90 with an APC 15 x 12 4 blade prop it up and fly it on and 8 cell 5000 mA lipo. Every Mustang D deserves a four blade prop. I have enjoyed building and flying these models so much I decided to add another to my collection. The plan is to strip the covering off and cover it in the gunfighter scheme. Enough said about my projects, if you haven't picked up one of these Arf kits yet get one. If you've got one you know how great they are so order another one before they're gone the holidays are coming up they are sure to sell out. (Posted on 12/2/2014)
great product at a bargain Review by Paul
This model was built out of quality material, fit together flawlessly.. For those of you who are looking for a 60 size electric powered kit look no further. eflite power 60 Castle Creations 80hv, eflite 90 degree retracts 6-cell 5000 milliamp lipo this model is comparable to hangar 9 or top flight. (Posted on 9/1/2014)
.60 Size P-51 Review by Mark C.
This P51 ARF is a very nice model. The quality of the ARF is a bargain for the price. A couple of areas that will need to be addressed in order to fly the model are the retract rails. The stock rails broke on my maiden flight and had to be completely reworked in order to prevent the issue from repeating. I also had a build issue with the main wing dowels, as they did not line up with the two holes in the fuse. The dowels had to be replaced/redrilled to get the wing to align with the fuse. The model flew very nice and requires specific transmitter set up to fly properly. I have my bird set up on an electric power. I highly recommend using electric retracts.

MC (Posted on 10/10/2013)

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65in P-51D Mustang ARF (Balsa)