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Battery Wires

  1. 20-in-1 Octopus Charge Cable Harness Set

    The most complete charging adapter set to allow you to charge almost any battery! Now including XT90 and EC2.
    Features all of the most popular charging connectors (Deans, Traxxas, and EC3) as well as new XT60, EC5, and HXT 4mm connectors and the others. View Details
  2. Flexible 14AWG Silicone Wire (50ft)

    Approx. 25ft of red and 25ft of black silicone wires. View Details
  3. Flexible 16AWG Silicone Wire (70ft)

    Flexible 16AWG Silicone Wire (70ft) View Details
  4. Flexible 26AWG Silicone Wire (350ft)

    Approx. 116ft of red, 116ft of black and 116ft of blue silicone wires. View Details