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GForce 25C 5000mAh 3S 11.1V LiPO (Fit TRX Vehicles)

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GForce 25C 5000mAh 3S 11.1V LiPO (Fit TRX Vehicles)

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Product Review (submitted on February 24, 2014):
I own a Traxxas Slash VXL and this was the first 3S LiPo I ever purchased (returning to the hobby after a 5yr hiatus). After I received this pack I did a storage charge to it (I do that to ALL my new packs) until I was ready to put it into my battery rotation. I like to purchase packs before I need them instead of waiting until I need them. The day I decided to give it a try I pulled it out and did a balance charge using my Venom Pro2 charger. I then installed it into my stock Velineon Slash still using the stock gearing (23p/86s). Now I was impressed with the speed of it being stock running the included TRX LiPo. But I always wondered what 3S would give me and I was about to find out. I yanked back that throttle trigger and it took off with the front wheels praising the sky! It was insane how fast this truck was being completely box stock. I have used Gens, Turnigy, Zippy, and of course the TRX 2S LiPo's and have been impressed with them all, but this battery with the C rating is half of my Turnigy and Gens 2S packs (even though it is a 11.1V vs 7.4) just made me as giddy as a kid in a candy store! I was so impressed by the power it produced all the way until it hit the LV on the system. It wasn't until the last few minutes t the end of the run did the pack shows signs of "dumping". It also ran nice and cool for producing so much power and takes a full charge with no issues. But my favorite thing about this battery was the amount of run time. I didn't keep total track of it due to traction rolling, flipping backwards due to wheelies, and just getting zealous with the trigger, I am sure I was running for about 45 minutes total, 20-30 mins of actual time minus the walks to retrieve my truck. I am planning on swapping my gearing to see how fast this pack will propel my rig. I will also have to get an actual run time and report it in a future review. I now have 4 charge/discharge cycles on this pack with no signs of puffing or degradation. Actually seems to improve with the increase of cycles. My only draw back is being a soft pack, I am concerned that the pack will get damaged in a severe crash while bashing. So a hardcase would be great (which I believe they offer). Otherwise, for the value, power, and just stupid speed this pack provides I would recommend this to anyone, even over Gens. Awesome pack and will be buying more in the near future! Thanks VH!!
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GForce 25C 5000mAh 3S 11.1V LiPO (Fit TRX Vehicles)