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GForce G32 Brushless Outrunner Motor (4250-800KV)

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GForce G32 Brushless Outrunner Motor (4250-800KV)

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Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2018):
I build and fly a *lot*. I've been looking for alternatives to the more expensive options and this G32 is the ticket. 5s 11x7 prop yielded over 1000w @ 55a which is just north of the spec max. I have an 11x5.5 prop on order which should get the amperage below the rated max. I installed this motor on a 60" Tower Hobbies Sport and the plane flew awesome. I haven't beat on it yet because of my amp draw, but when the new prop comes, I'll put it through its paces.

It made about 750w with 5s and a 10x6 prop at a very comfortable 38a.

No fancy box, no fancy logs, just a simple working powerful .32 class brushless at an exceptional price. My only gripe is that it only comes with a bullet prop nut and not a standard prop nut to fit under a spinner, but that's no big deal. @ $30 I'll get over it. Thanks for making these available to us Value Hobby!


PS Watt meter results video available on my YT channel if you're interested.
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GForce G32 Brushless Outrunner Motor (4250-800KV)