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47in Sabre-47 ARF (Balsa)

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47in Sabre-47 ARF (Balsa)

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Items Needed to Complete


  • Length: 48.6 inches
  • Span: 47 inches
  • Wing Area: 720 sq in
  • Flying weight: 4.25 - 4.75 lbs


Proven 3D Profile design. Super stiff and strong fuselage with carbon fiber reinforcements.

  • Motor: .46-.55 2stroke or .62-.82 4 stroke
  • Servos:

          4 standard size servos (like Hitec HS-425BB or Futaba S3004, minimum )
          1 mini size servo for throttle (Like Hitec HS-85 or Futaba S3115)

  • Radio: 6 channel, with dual aileron servos and Expo/Dual rates recommended

Additional Information

Length(in) 47
Material Balsa/Plywood
Type Profile
Wingspan(in) 48
Size Class .40-Size

Customer Reviews

3D Machine!!! Review by Jonathan
So I'm running a Magnum 91 XL, Merlin Glow Plug, 6 Oz fuel tank.
LIFE battery onboard...

Excellent plane to learn 3D Aerobatics!
This Sabre 47 will do anything you throw at it.

The hardware package is complete. The only items I changed out were the clevises.

I recommend using thin CA or blue Loctite on the white pieces that screw onto the bolts running through each surface. I noticed that the ailerons were changing Trim settings on me.
Those are huge ailerons so the force is significant at the connection piece I'm referring to.

When I crash I sure hope that VH still carries this plane!

Everyone watches the Sabre 47 when it's airborne!

Awesome plane Value Hobby!!!

Thank you very much! (Posted on 11/27/2017)
Nothing but fun Review by Dave
Heard about this plane on Profile Brotherhood. Built it electric with a GForce 4250 and a quality 14x6 wooden prop and Value Hobby's GForce 4s 4000 lipo. Motor and batts barely warmish after flight. The only negatives are that the linkages and landing gear need to be upgraded to professional quality. Beside these annoyances I am very happy with this plane. It's does all 3D tricks effortlessly, is built very strong and will easily last for years unless you bash it up. It's in my top 7 RC planes, out of 35 or so. Go for it. (Posted on 8/17/2017)
INCREDIBLE 3D Learning machine Review by DCWFLIES
My buddy and I cut our 3D teeth on this plane and the 35" Electric version. We went from precarious landings to lovely hovering, knife edges, pop tops and even harrier landings over this summer with these planes. The plane helps you learn the feeling of the fight envelope. Hard to describe the control and confidence these planes inspire without using the term - LOCKED IN. I can just feel what the plane is going to do. PLEASE PLEASE GET THESE BACK IN STOCK......There are three Sabre 47s flying at our field and other club members are chomping at the bit to buy one. (Posted on 7/21/2014)
A ProBro electric Review by Roger
I converted this plane to electric using a GForce 32, 60 amp ESC, 5 cell GForce battery and standard servos.
I simply used "L" aluminum bolted to the fuse for the motor mount; used 1/32" ply glued to the fuse side to mount the battery with velcro and strap. This plane is covered in monocote and is a simple build. This plane is pure 3D fun if you use glow power or electric. I found it easy to hover. This plane is only limited by your personal flying abilities. I highlly recommend it. (Posted on 1/22/2013)
perfection Review by freddie
This is an excellent plane, I have 30 planes and this is my fav, setup with satio 80 ,a flying friend has the larger scale of this with a dc 29 cc and everyone at sield loved it so i purchased this and another buddy saw it and purchased it.bad news i lost signal from battery comming loose and plane climbed into clouds and dispeared and lose lost it.did some trading and got a satio 100 so im waiting til next month to buy the big brother to tis one.i have 50 cc 300 extra and a 33 c mintor 90 size yak which fly great but this plane was my favorite. wish i had it back.very doubtful ill every find it. but i highly recommend this plane. (Posted on 9/8/2012)

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47in Sabre-47 ARF (Balsa)