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WL V202 Scorpion 4CH Micro Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz w/6-Axis Gyro

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WL V202 Scorpion 4CH Micro Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz w/6-Axis Gyro

SKU: WLM-QC-2502

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The WL V202 micro quadcopter features 6-axis gyro to allow hand-launch. This is the RTF version with transmitter, battery and charger all included.


  • 4 navigation lights
  • Featuring new 6-axis gyro that enables hand-launch
  • Excellent 3D performance


  • Dimensions: 100x100x40mm (3.9x3.9x1.6in)
  • Materials: ABS
  • Channel: 4
  • Flight time: Approx. 10mins
  • Charging time: 40-50mins
  • 2.4G transmitter(included)
  • Control Distance: 100-150 metres
  • Battery: 300mAh 3.7V LiPO

Package content:

  • Quadcopter
  • 4 x spare blades
  • 2 x 300mah 25c LiPO
  • 2.4G transmitter
  • USB charger
  • USB cable

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Customer Reviews

Good value, but BNF version would be helpful Review by James
I have bought and flown several of the Value Hobby-sold V949 Quadcopters, and have found them excellent values. I got a little unlucky (or maybe unskilled) the first time I flew this V202, and it crashed into a gym wall after only a few minutes of flight. Some part of the connector or controller for one of the motors broke, so of course it is now unflyable. Either the V202 is more fragile than the V949s, or I crashed it harder than I had the big brother V949s. I am painfully aware that the fault may be mine, not the model's.

But I would very much like to buy a BNF version of the V202, and I am hoping that Value Hobby will make the separate bird available at a somewhat reduced price, as they have done for the V949 series. To be sure, the price for the RTF V202 is not too steep, but I don't think I need a backup transmitter--I almost never crash THOSE! So I'll be looking eagerly for a BNF version of the V202, while cheerfully flying my V949s--they have more lights, anyway.

I am (rather wistfully) hoping that some day the various 2.4 GHz manufacturers will get together and adopt a standard protocol, so I won't have to carry five different transmitters to the gym. The current lack of cross-reactivity almost makes me yearn for the days of 72 MHz. (Posted on 11/10/2013)
Better than any quad you can find on ScAmazon Review by Michael
I got this little beast two months ago after spending way more on three different brands
of inferior quality. Very responsive on the 80% setting plus the lights make night flying easy.
I started taking the plastic canopy off to shave a few grams off the overall weight--don't
do this; it starts to wear out a little copper coil on the circuit board. Had I left the canopy on
I'd still be flying it now! Definitely getting another. For anyone wondering this doesn't have
enough lift to attach a keychain camera, but that's really the only downside. (Posted on 6/13/2013)
Lot's of inexpensive fun Review by Matt
Ordered on of these as a birthday present and ordered one for myself as well. I was a little skeptical about this at first but after crashing it all over the house a few times, I finally got dialed into the controls and the thing flies super well. It's very responsive and handles strong winds well. A couple of things worth noting that are not clear in the instructions. First, it must be on a flat surface when you turn on the transmitter to bind it to the quadracopter otherwise it will drift badly. Also the top left button cycles through different control sensitivity levels in 20% increments. 20% barely allows you to control it at all and is fairly worthless. 40% is good for beginners. 60-80% is good for normal flying. 100% is for doing loops and not much else. The battery lift is a bit brief but that's to be expected on these type of flying machines. (Posted on 3/19/2013)
Best $50 you can spend in RC Review by Lexxter
This thing is a blast to fly. I have had it in 20-30 mph winds and it handles them like nothing I have ever flown. I keep trying to find something better, but I am just wasting my money. I think this is probably the best micro on the market right now. (Posted on 2/24/2013)

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WL V202 Scorpion 4CH Micro Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz w/6-Axis Gyro